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It’s a Pinterst Party

Pinterest PartyIt’s no secret that I love to create things from scratch.  Since childhood, it was always more fun to make things with my own hands than it was to go out and purchase it. About a year ago, my daughter introduced me to the very popular “Pinterest” site.  Pinterest is an online scrapbook of sorts where you can share creative ideas about, well, everything and “pin” photos to virtual bulletin boards.  I absolutely love the ideas I get from there.

I found myself, and I’m sure I’m not alone, pinning lots of idea, but never actually getting to do any of the projects.  I came across the idea to host a Pinterest Party where you select a few projects to work on with some of your friends.  Love it!!

So I got to work and planned my very first (of many) Pinterest Party.  Here’s how it went ~~~

After selecting a date, I went with the theme Less Pinning…More Doing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next, I invited a few of my friends, asked them to bring a Pinterest inspired appetizer or dessert and began selecting the crafts we would work on that day.

In addition to the three crafts I chose, some of my guests brought a craft project to share with everyone.

Modge Podge Coasters
Modge Podge Tile Coasters

Recycled Storage Jar

Valentine Day Card
Valentine Day Card

I’ll be working on adding instructions to these crafts as I build this blog.

Make the world beautiful, one creation at a time.

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