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Window Pane Picture Frame

WIf you love antiques, like I do, this is a great project that you can complete in a few days.  My husband and I found this old barn window at a local flea market and I decided to turn it into a collage of our favorite family photos.

I love when I can re-purpose old windows, doors, and shutters.  Here’s the easy steps I took to complete this project.

Picture Frame photo
Each photo became a mini scrapbook piece.

First, I found enough pictures for each frame in the window.  Instead of cutting all of the pictures exactly to size, I made many of them into their own little individual scrapbook page.  I included ribbon, embellishments and some simple journal entries.

WOnce the individual frames were complete, I turned the frame upside down and began assembling all of the photos into their individual frames.  I used the little “points” that the glass pieces were held into to secure the photos.  This was an old window; newer ones probably wouldn’t have removable glass inserts.

I couldn’t wait to hang this window of memories on the wall of my home.  I smile every time I pass it.


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