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Garden Planning – Stage I

seed-catalogsThe first round of my Garden Planning is complete and is down on paper.  I’m excited about the expansion of the garden but have a few challenges to face as well.  Because of the vertical structures I want to build to maximize the space, I know the cost is going to be rather substantial this year.  To keep those costs down, I’m researching ways to re-purpose items to incorporate into the garden.  Here’s my challenge – my husband is all for re-purposing as long as it doesn’t look like the trash bin vomited its contents into the garden.

Milk Container frost protection

Ok, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

The purpose behind the expansion is to increase the garden’s produce while reducing the cost of my grocery bill, in addition to eating cleaner, healthier food.  The extra space will allow for more daylight for my plants as the existing beds are somewhat compromised by a garden shed and privacy trees.

In addition to repairing and adding new raised beds, I want to add some vertical structures to maximize the space.  Here is a pretty decorative one from Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

BHG, vertical garden structure
Photo courtesy of: Better Homes & Garden

I started composting a few years ago, but didn’t have enough to fill all of my beds, so this year, I want to focus on designating more space to this.  I like this model that was on display at NYBG.

NYBG, Compost, Garden

I live in an area that has an ample, natural water supply (not municipal), but using rain water in the garden is great for the environment and has some other benefits, as I found in this article.

Rain Barrel Photo
Photo courtesy of Family Handyman

I’d also like to incorporate this irrigation system into the mix.  We’ll see what the resident carpenter thinks about that.

garden, irrigation, hose
Photo courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

The existing garden space measure approximately 20′ x 20′ and consists of 10 2′ x 6′ raised beds.  The beds are pretty old and will need repair or replacement.  Due to the existing structures already surrounding the garden, there is less light in this part of the garden, so I will devote plants that do not need that full, six hours of sunlight here.

Garden bedsThe expanded space will measure approximately 12′ x 30′, and will receive full sun – dawn to dusk. This space will incorporate some raised beds and vertical structures, but I also want to leave some space for  roaming and larger plants.

Garden Space

So the design is on paper, now we’ll have to start pricing the supplies needed and selecting our seeds!

I would love to hear how you are doing with your garden plans for 2013.

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