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Healthy Harvest Highlihght – Potato

potato handfulAnother great winter, root vegetable is the potato.  Potatoes pack a lot of healthy nutrition, but often get a bad wrap when eaten in excess and loaded down with unhealthy condiments.  One medium potato (with skin) contains:

  • 45% daily value of vitamin C
  • 10% daily value of B6
  • 110 calories
  • no fat, sodium or cholesterol
  • potato skin is a great source of fiber

Potatoes are a complex carb, our body’s major energy source and one of the most affordable and best nutritional valued vegetables in the produce department.

To keep potatoes healthy and nutritious, top with steamed vegetables or salsa with some plain, Greek yogurt.  Roasting vegetables is always a great choice – roast with olive oil, garlic and a sprinkling of dill, rosemary or your favorite herb.  If you like mashed potatoes, substitute milk, cream and butter with chicken broth.  One of my new, favorite ways to prepare mashed potatoes is to combine it with another great cold weather vegetable, cauliflower.

Here are two of my favorite nutritious potato recipes – Cauliflower Potatoes and Light Baked Potato Soup (great St. Patrick’s Day recipe). Enjoy!

potato head
Photo courtesy of 123rf.Com

Why do potatoes make good detectives?

They keep their eyes peeled?

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