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crocusA rather brisk start to Spring here in the Northeast.  I woke to a temp of 22 degrees – brrrrrrr!  I did manage to get into my garden this weekend and begin clearing some winter debris out of my raised beds, but still we’re not ready to do any planting of the peas yet.

I’m a little behind with my indoor seed starting, that’s on the agenda for this weekend.  I think I’ll still be in good shape, but I had hoped to get those started two weeks ago.

Our shopping list is ready to purchase the new fencing for the addition to the garden and the plans are almost finalized.  I had really hoped that we’d have a mild March to get a head start on things, but mother nature had a different plan.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting  the last Spring frost in our area to be between the last week of April and the first week of May, leaving us with a growing season of approximately 160 days. This information will come in handy as I sow seeds, plant seedlings, and do some succession planting.

I see no signs of the robins that were out my front window last week and the snow on the ground isn’t looking very inviting, but Spring is here and the garden soon will beckon me to come outside and play.  I’m waiting patiently – another reminder that the garden is like the cycles of life.

Expectant mothers are entering the springtime of new birth, Christians all over the world prepare for the springtime renewal of faith and hope, and those of us who garden wait for those first signs of green to pop through the ground, waiting for our chance to share in the renewal of the earth.

Happy Spring to all!

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