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Month: September 2014



Ratatouille is French for stewed vegetables. It’s my “bowl full of garden goodness” in the summer and my “clean out the produce bin of the fridge” in the winter.  Either way it’s a staple in my house.  We’ve made it as a side dish, added it to pasta for a main meal, and topped pizza …

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Fresh Garden Salsa

Garden Fresh Salsa

One of my favorite, healthy snacks to make is homemade pita chips and salsa.  There’s nothing better than fresh salsa (especially when I can add as much cilantro as I want).  In addition to being healthy and fat free, it’s also inexpensive when your vegetables are home grown.  Here’s another recipe that can be changed …

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music, sunrise

Writing 101: (3) Music and the Human Soul

I love music. It has a language all its own, and at any given time, with any given genre, it has the power to communicate on such a deeper level.  Sometimes it’s the lyrics. Sometimes its the instrumentals.  There’s not a lot of music I don’t like.  I listen to pop, rock, classical, and country, …

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Writing 101: (2) A Room With A View

I fly out of bed with an excitement for my day ahead.  It’s early and I tip-toe as I find my way through the dark.  I quickly dress and head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before my drive. As the coffee gurgles and drips, I place my bags near the front …

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Tomatoes – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Let’s face it, despite the intense care we take in planting our tomatoes, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do and you’re left with the challenges of a gardener.  I’ve certainly seen my share of the ugly over the past several years.  There were times when I knew what was going on and other times …

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Summer Garden

Writing101: Unlock the Mind

I decided to bring my writing project outside.  It’s gorgeous here, today, in the Northeast and the thought of sitting inside was a little unsettling.  As part of my personal development hiatus, I’ve decided to work on my writing skills. I want to write.  I don’t know if I’m a writer, but I want to …

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Just The Two Of Us

One by one the college fliers started to arrive in the mail.  With great anticipation, my son runs and grabs them from my hand.  I show little interest at first. I know if I do, I’ll have to admit that he too will be growing up and away all too soon. My mind drifts back …

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Happy Grandparent’s Day

I found this story many year’s ago and thought is was a great reminder of the wisdom we glean from our grandparents. Too often we forget that as their bodies and minds weaken, they’ve traveled this road longer than we have and there is much we can learn from their wisdom and experiences. Wishing all …

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Back to School: Lessons, And Tests, And Life…..oh my!

One by one, the alarms went off, and one by one the door opened and closed.  With each creak of the front door, the hustle and bustle in the house settled and there it was – the start of another school year – the start of a more structured schedule. Those first few moments, of …

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