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Writing101: Unlock the Mind

hummingbird in flightI decided to bring my writing project outside.  It’s gorgeous here, today, in the Northeast and the thought of sitting inside was a little unsettling.  As part of my personal development hiatus, I’ve decided to work on my writing skills. I want to write.  I don’t know if I’m a writer, but I want to write; this I know.  When I play the mental game of picturing myself doing what I love, it always includes working from home and maintaining my own schedule – writing falls into that picture.  I joked with my cousin, this morning, that I think there are so many voices in my head sometimes, that writing is my way of letting them loose. 😉

I chosen the perfect spot to sit and write, overlooking my gardens.  I wasn’t five minutes into this project and I was completely distracted by two beautiful hummingbirds bouncing from bloom to bloom. I tried to capture this sight, but a photographer, I’m not.

The yard is quiet – or is it?  I guess initially it feels quiet, but as I still myself and focus on the sounds around me, the birds are actually singing in harmony together.  There are probably five or six different songs I hear.  Add the chimes in the distance and the leaves rustling in the trees and I have my own little outdoor orchestra going on.  If that wasn’t peaceful enough, the wind blows and it brings with it the sweet smell of the blossoms beside me.  The garden is the prettiest I’ve seen it all summer.

Summer GardenI’m thankful for this quiet moment and the burst of beauty before me.  I may not have noticed it if I hadn’t taken the time to just be still today.  In a week, maybe two this sight will be gone as Summer transitions into Fall and mother nature blows in her new sights and sounds.  Nature waits for no one, she changes daily and what bloomed today can be gone tomorrow; a gentle reminder of how precious the seasons of life are as well.  Take time to capture the beauty of today for time waits for no one and it presses forward with or without you.

2 thoughts on “Writing101: Unlock the Mind”

  1. You have painted such a serene scene. I may just bookmark this post so I can return when I need to centre myself. It has been a long day and this just settled an unquiet part of my. Thank you.

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