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Writing 101: (2) A Room With A View

windowsunriseI fly out of bed with an excitement for my day ahead.  It’s early and I tip-toe as I find my way through the dark.  I quickly dress and head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before my drive. As the coffee gurgles and drips, I place my bags near the front door and peek out into the darkness to see the sun just inching its way toward the horizon.  Can I get anymore excited than this?

My footsteps are quicker now as I head back into the kitchen and breathe in the steamy goodness of that first, warm cup of coffee.  My mind is taken to the little breakfast nook I’ll find myself in this time tomorrow.  I place a lid on my coffee and head for the door to grab my bags and journey to my special room with the view.

I think most women would agree that they all would love a room of their own where they can go and dream, or read, or create something magnificent.  For most of us though, that’s not a reality.  For me, anyplace outdoors where I can carve out a quiet little nook, can be that space for me.  But today, I’m heading to a place where my soul is transformed every time I enter.  Although it’s only a place I get to visit once in a while, when I do I feel like I’m coming home.

100_0874The drive is beautiful. It’s mid-October and the trees look as if they’ve been splashed with the most brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.  The bright blue backdrop of the sky almost makes my view seem painted.  It was cool when I left in the morning, and my heavy sweater was perfect for the drive.  As I make my final turn onto the narrow country road, I crack my window open and breathe in the familiar scent of the drying leaves.  As I draw closer to the coast, I can smell a hint of the ocean’s saltiness and the anticipation seems more than I can stand.

I choose not to head to the cabin, but straight to my special place.  The familiar sound of the car wheels as they move over the gravel lot coupled with the sound of the crashing waves just tightens my chest and I can’t get out of the car quick enough.  My moment is here.  I grab my blanket and climb the rocky shoreline.  I can feel my body relax in a way that’s seems foreign to me; like I’ve been transported to another universe.  My shoulders relax, and a sense of peace washes over me.  I feel the wind carry little sprays of salty water on my face and I close my eyes to be in this moment.  When I open my eyes, I’m thankful to spend this time in my room with a view.Seagul

2 thoughts on “Writing 101: (2) A Room With A View”

  1. Hi there, very beautifully written. The feelings were palpable however i felt you have covered 3 different scenes in your story yet while reading them I was wanting more. You can certainly dwell more on each of them. Nice read.

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