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Writing 101: (3) Music and the Human Soul

music, sunriseI love music. It has a language all its own, and at any given time, with any given genre, it has the power to communicate on such a deeper level.  Sometimes it’s the lyrics. Sometimes its the instrumentals.  There’s not a lot of music I don’t like.  I listen to pop, rock, classical, and country, but for the past 25 years, my human soul connects with Christian music.  I know many push away the “Jesus” music, just for the sake of it being – well, “Jesus Music”.  That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but for me there’s such a positive message here.  A message of hope in a hurting world. A message that can bring forgiveness, healing, tolerance, and genuine compassion to ourselves and other.  BUT, I digress.  Back to the language of music.

Lyrics are poetry set to music, but just the instrumentals alone  can make your soul tell its own story. Could you imagine watching a movie without the instrumentals?  Doesn’t your heart beat a little faster in the thriller that has suspenseful music?  You know the kind that begins slowly and as something is about to happen, quickens its tempo. Or how about the hi-lo melody when there’s an ‘epic fail’ … womp-womp!  And there’s the classic love story with the melodic piano that makes you reach for the tissues. Have you ever listened to Beethoven, Mozart, or Bach?  Soft and loud, quick and slow –  the tempo and dynamics can create emotions of joy, sadness, or anger in a single symphony.

Music has the power to transport us back into our memory bank and stir up emotions that can make us happy or sad.  Basically, it changes as our emotions change. It has the power to influence.  Musical communication can be spiritual as it has the power to stir the soul as it transcends time, culture, and language.


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  1. I enjoyed your post…so what are your 3 favorite songs ? πŸ™‚ I know its hard to just come up with 3!!! Your last paragraph is what I concentrated on in my post, the memories.

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