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Absolute Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so the saying goes.  Is that sort of like “is the glass half full or half empty”?  Doesn’t it all have to do with one’s perspective?

How many times do we rush about our day without noticing the faces that pass us by or the autumn trees in their glory, or the shapes of the clouds in the sky?  How can one set of parents think their child is the most beautiful face they’ve ever seen while the same child is being teased by peers about their crooked smile or body shape?


I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It is a concept that is constantly moving and changing. As we are exposed to life experiences, and open to new concepts and ideas, our vision changes and our eyes are opened to  a world that is much deeper and more complex than our mind could have captured before.

pond scumDo you find this picture of pond scum beautiful?  With a narrow lens, perhaps not, but when you begin to see the bigger picture and how the colors work together and come to life, like a painted canvas, you begin to see it’s place, it’s function, it’s beauty.

Bronx River stone bridge

So next time you are quick to judge what you define as lacking beauty, widen your lens, take a step back, and soak in the bigger picture and look at life through  a larger lens.

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