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Some  People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet…

 When my children were young and their plans for the day were interrupted by rain, I knew I had to change their perspective and help them find alternate plans for a day full of fun.  To do this, I often times had to push past my own disappointment, as staying inside would drive me nuts.  So began our days of crafting and living room picnic lunches.  

We get into such a routine that anything that threatens our precious schedules can turn our otherwise pleasant demeanor upside down.  But over the years I’ve learned to wish for those rainy days to slow me down and take a breath.  Today was one of those days.  We’ve been non-stop with yard work and family activities that my body was screaming for rest. Today I allowed God to pour down his blessings with each little rain drop.  Today I  put down the hose for those newly planted seedlings and just let God take care of them.  I sorted through all the magazines on the coffee table and enjoy a cup of tea without feeling guilty.  I caught up on writing and phone calls and just enjoyed the quiet, peaceful moments.

Tomorrow is another day – and I bring to it a new perspective. It will bring its new set of chores and challenges and on-the-go busyness, but with new eyes I see the refreshment the rain has brought both to the earth and to my soul.

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