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The Progression Of The Tomato Seed

Starting tomatoes from seed

Do you remember this stringy mess from a few weeks ago.  It was the first time that I started tomatoes from seed.  I was really not very hopeful when I looked at the long tangled stems that emerged from the starter tray, but I carefully removed the strongest seedlings and placed them into 4″ pots and continued to water and care for them throughout the cool  days of April and May.  I’m happy with their progression, but in no way was April the best time to start these little guys.  It’s difficult to see in this collage but behind the two plastic trays is a flat of plants I purchased from a master gardener a few weeks ago.  Here’s a picture of them up close.  

Tomato Plants

By the looks of them, I should have started my seeds somewhere in January I guess.

Either way, I’m still happy that I learned the process and I’ll be better prepared (and start earlier) next year.  I’m going to continue  to care for these little guys and see what or if they produce any kind of fruit this year.  Hey, who knows, once they’re in the ground they could take off and be the best plants I’ve ever grown.

Once I plant my seedlings plus the ones from the master gardener, I’ll have over 50 plants!  That’s either a lot of sauce and salsa or perhaps I see a little side business this summer. 🍅

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