Would love some feedback on garden irrigation.

My garden is large and has a somewhat “unique” shape as sit surrounds a garden shed.  It is fenced in and many plants can get crushed when dragging the hose thorughout.  I’m trying drip hoses this year because I heard they were better for the mildew problems on the leaves of some plants, but I think the stretch of hose is too long and the pressure not strong enough to reach the final section of hose.  I’ve also invested in good tri-pod sprinklers, but that brings me back to the issue with water on the leaves.  Standing there for an hour isn’t an option.  I’d love to hear about ideas that other gardeners have used.


  1. A friend of mine has a rather large garden as well and uses the drip-hoses or sweat-hoses (depending on the plant). However, to cover the pressure issue you mentioned, he had water-taps with underground pipes placed at strategic areas. If your garden is all planted out, you could put in above-ground pipes, running along the perimeter of a fence or so.
    I’ve also seen another blogger using gravity to move water from one area of the garden to another via a dug trench. I’ve forgotten the name of the process but it’s along the lines of permaculture or forest-style gardening. It was really neat to see how a little maths can solve a problem.
    Hope you find a solution; all the best!

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