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I’m finding the challenges of garden a tad overwhelming this week. As I marvel at the beauty of new life around me, I’m constantly reminded that the circle of life can be a painful one. 
While sipping my coffee early this morning, I was delighted to see the lupine a in full bloom. 

Then the I heard some shuffling under the pine tree and found this adorable family of groundhogs playing….

…and nibbling on my plants. 

Later in the day, I found the chipmunk family having a field day in the garden.

Cute or not, these little guys have completely got me down. 😔🐿

Any success stories out there on how to save the garden from these little guys?

4 thoughts on “Garden Challenges”

  1. Your Lupines are lovely. I truly enjoyed the video and the animals were cute. I am sorry to hear about the damage inflicted to your plants. Because they like to burrow and simply covering your plant will not help. Metal fencing/caging around and under the plant is one sure way of deterring them. I hope this helps.

    1. Thank you – lupine are one of my favorites. My garden is completely fenced in, but you are right, they dug a hold underground and came up on the inside of the garden. I’ve tried so many things and nothing seems to help. They’re devouring everything in sight.

      1. Hmmm..another method would be using raised garden beds. Make sure you place fencing under the bed, then add your soil. I would also make a chicken wire covering for the bed to keep the animals at bay. Just make sure you allow height for plant growth.This would be perfect for your edibles or delicate perennials..

      2. I do have the raised beds, but I think you are right – I might need some kind of cover. At least until the tender plants are more established. 😊

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