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Month: June 2016

DIY Garden Drying Rack

Pulled together an easy project for the garden today. I grabbed an old frame and attached some leftover chicken wire to the back with the staple gun.  Next I pre-drilled a few holes for the screw eyes to fit.  I cut a twist chain with some snips at equal lengths and attached each end to …

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Challenges Of A First Time “Chick-keeper”

This morning I found one of the chicks in distress. As I removed the covering I had over the cage for the evening, I saw that one little gal had a string hanging from her mouth. I lifted her out of the crate and upon further inspection saw that her toungue was hanging out of …

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Seed Tape

Trying out a little DIY project today. I’m hoping those tiny little seeds will stay more uniform when planted this way. I created seed tapes for lettuce, spinach, beets, cilantro, basil, and parsley seeds. This was really quite easy. I created the tape from toilet tissue in 2′-3′ lengths, and cut down the center. I …

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Morning In The Garden

Morning is my favorite time to spend in the garden. It’s cool and quiet and the sound of the birds…so peaceful.  Here’s what’s in bloom in the flower garden.  

Misty Monday Morning

Some days you look in awe at how precious life is. It grabs you unexpectedly and shows you that you have no control. Every decision you make, every word you say, must be done with so much care.  We must walk tenderly on this earth, see its beauty, and trust always in God’s providence and …

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Garden Project – Cold Frame

Update: Cold Frame complete, and I’m so happy with the result. I think I’m going to add a third layer with a screen frame to cover as well. This way I can use it for my lettuce and tender herbs and they’ll be protected from the chipmunks. 🐿 Source: Garden Project – Cold Frame

Thankful Thursday

Love the raindrops on the flowers this morning. Thankful for the water that all the garden plants need. Thankful that my hands are strong enough to work the earth. Thankful for the beauty that surrounds me and the eyesight to see it.  Make it a great day folks!

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