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This blog post was inspired by the new book by Karen Ehman titled, Listen, Love, Repeat which releases on November 15, 2016 you can purchase a copy at

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So often we hear the expression, no matter how much space I have in my home, they always gather in the kitchen. I’m sure everyone has that special place where relationship magic takes place.  Our general area is our country kitchen, but more specifically this old table.

This table is decked out because it’s Thanksgiving. (Really, I don’t do this everyday!) The photo brings back wonderful memories of cooking and decorating with my daughters anticipating a wonderful day of good food and lively conversation.  However, this table isn’t always pretty. Over the years it’s held stacks of laundry while having a heart to heart with one of my kids. It’s held composition books with complicated homework. It’s been scattered with bills that lie between my husband and I, and numerous other moments with friends, family, and guests young and old alike. Like the elegant dinner parties, and messy – oh wait – creative birthday parties. Or those craft days with special friends or the rained out BBQ’s where the outside party moved inside. Oh the stories it could tell!

When I think about the multitude of people that have shared a meal, a conversation, a laugh, and even a good cry here – my heart if filled with blessings. Some that sat here, will no longer have the chance to fill those seats – I am thankful that we had that time and those memories to cherish. Nieces and nephews, once too small to reach without kneeling, who now return with their little ones. A few weeks ago, I dropped my last child off at college. Silently, the weeks before he left, I thanked God for every last minute I had at the dinner table with him. I knew how much I would miss him sitting across from me and how once again, the look and feel of this old table would change.

To gather means to come together; assemble; bring together and take in from scattered places. For us this table was a place to be present to everyone who showed up. To #Listenloverepeat! Have you ever given much thought to the places you gather and the opportunity you have to create sacred spaces for those around you? Intrigued? Stay tuned this week while I share some special ideas where you can do just that – from a new book coming out later this Fall and my exciting part in it!!


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