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Finding The Magic In The Mundane

This blog post was inspired by the new book by Karen Ehman titled, Listen, Love, Repeat which releases on November 15, 2016 you can purchase a copy at


About a month ago, a post appeared from an author that I admire, to fill out an application to be part of a launch team for another author’s brand new book.  What is a launch team?  It’s an opportunity to grab a sneak peak at an author’s book and share its highlights with people.  I thought about what a great opportunity this could be.  I knew the book would be scripturally based, I’d get to share thoughts about it with fellow Christian women, and it would be a good exercise in getting serious again with writing. Before diving in I had to see what this book was all about.  I couldn’t write about someting that I didn’t resonate with;  I couldn’t promote something that didn’t fit into who I was as a woman, a wife, a mother, etc.

For the past week I’ve shared posts and little snippets from a book I’m reading called Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman.  In a nutshell the book is about achieving other-centered living in a self-centered world.  Now this was something I could dig into.  Putting the writing piece aside, this is the life I’ve come to know.  It’s the one and only area of my life that has brought me complete satisfaction.  It is the one common thread that runs through any of the diverse things I’ve been involved in, which include youth ministry, mission trips, hospitality, non-profit work, and social events.  I enjoy hanging out with my husband and children, entertaining, cooking meals for others, tending to my home and garden, and sharing my faith walk with others. And so I prayed……..I applied……and I prayed some more.  A week ago today – I received an email saying that I would be a part of Karen Ehman’s launch team.

As I read the first chapter, I knew that my job to share this book’s message would be an easy one.  It wasn’t just about “promoting” someone’s work, it was the piece of ministry that resonates so closely with my heart – sharing simple gestures done in love. The lines that grabbed my heart were

“…I was struck by the holy moments this man created in the seemingly mundane days of his life. So often we want thrill, excitement, recognition, purpose.  Mr. H found purpose quietly serving the person in front of him.  With an audience of only One.” ~Karen Ehman

My life is once again at a crossroad.  A place where I look back at what I’ve done and looking forward to where I’m going.  I’m proud of the things I’ve done in my past, but I guess I never felt that it was enough…..not exciting, not filled with Divine purpose.  These lines changed all of that.

So if you are looking for your Divine Purpose – your “why” in life – lay it in the hands of our Creator and watch Him make magic in the mundane.

Listen Love Repeat

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  1. Your blog resonated with me as I felt compelled to write my second book, More Than a Coincidence- True Stories of Divine Intervention, for sharing and inspiring others. I am proud of my Catholic faith and am glad to be proactive in sharing it.

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