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Ten Things I Want You To Know Before Your Wedding Day

There are 10 days to go. The checklist was compiled. The tasks have been done. The rest is in God’s hands; just as their life will be.

Having checklists are a must for me, and my daughter has followed well in my tracks, but the lesson I’ve learned is that no matter how many lists we have, how many back up plans are in place, the final plan is always God’s plan. In the busiest days before the wedding I thought it was important enough to take the time to do a post a day with the 10 things I want my daughter and future son-in-law to know before they get married.  Follow along on our 10 day countdown.

How do you sum up marriage advice to your children?  What words of wisdom do you selectively impart? You spend 20+ years molding them into the people they are today and then pray that they find someone to share their life with, that will love and protect them as you did.  My daughter has found her forever love.  The boy next door, in fact.  The same boy that, as a kid, drove her nuts, teased her, and yes, even made her cry.  It wasn’t long before the teasing turned into flirting and well, like they say, the rest is history.  We watched very closely to make sure he was worthy of her love – and in turn – ours.  We’re happy to report that we are excited to add another son to our family.

I suppose if I were to start my top ten list in order of importance, I would have to begin with “sacrifice over selfishness”.  That can be tough for newlyweds just starting out, but I believe that this can happen when you know yourself and know God.  To be a follower of Christ, you are called to serve and in the Sacrament of Marriage, there is no greater gift that you give to one another than yourselves.  Service.  Mutually given to one another.

Unlike what the world will tell you -marriage isn’t always 50/50. Sometimes it’s 80/20 or 40/60 – we all need a little extra sometimes.   Sometimes, you will need to be the one who is lifted up and other times you will need to do the lifting.  This is the beginning of how two people begin to build the foundation of their life; they work at joining their two separate lives into one.

My prayer for you:
Lord, I humbly come before you and ask your blessing upon my daughter and her future husband.  I pray that they have a strong Christ-centered marriage. I pray that You will protect them always and keep them safe as they find their way to You.  I pray that scripture will become a part of their life and that they will grow to hear Your voice.

A woman’s heart must be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him to find her.” ~ Maya Angelou

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