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Veriditas is the word created by Saint Hildegard of Bingen to describe the unity of enlivening spirit she observed in her life. Verde meaning Green and veritas meaning truth.

As I sit outside this morning to say my prayers, I can’t help but think of this word. I’m surrounded by blue skies, vibrant green life all around me, and the warmth and brightness of the sun. My mind is drawn to the brightness that the “Son” who can work in and through us will bring into our lives if we only open our heart to Him.

As He works through us, we become part of the light that brightens our hurting world.

A Poem Prayer, Veriditas

There is a quality of light today,

so green, just born of Eden.

It touches my face and whispers,

“come away and be with me.”

Dare I put the burdens down,

the busyness and questing for more?

The more that is never enough, and the being good,

that is never good enough.

I follow the light, and I become, a part of it.


Sweet creation…where everything

I need is already present.

Within and around me

in a soft quilt of breathing-life,

of love in all it’s forms.

There’s a quality of light today,

fire of creation, warming my breath.

You are well dear one, it says.

As you are now.

And you are one with me,

voice whispers,

without strife  or suffering,

without separation.

For how could I, your God,

reject, part of my own great heart?

~by Lyn Holley Doucet

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