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Media Monday 2021

Media Monday – The Wolves We Feed

I’ve always loved the story of the two wolves, but this original version makes so much more sense.  With Lent a week away, I wonder in which way I will choose to prepare myself for this sacrificial season.  The struggle between good and evil, the struggle between sin and sacrifice – both are real.  We often view the “dark” side of our lives as a negative and beat ourselves up over those sins that haunt us over and over again.  To acknowledge our human nature and feed the need of the root cause of those sins makes so much more sense.  When a child is angry because they lack attention, their behavior usually gets worse and often turns into a habit, however to acknowledge their need for attention helps them feel understood.  It is our job to acknowledge the negative feelings within us (and with those around us) and respond with the qualities of the white wolf so that the struggle within is tamed and we can hear the voice of God speak to us.  How we choose to interact with the opposing forces within, determines how we live our lives. This is where our power lies.

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