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Media Monday 2021

Media Monday – My Latte Prayer

I love how God teaches us lessons in the little stuff of life if we simply slow down to listen.  It’s those little things that build our endurance for the long road ahead.  Keeping the small things in perspective to the big picture of life eases our anxieties about so many things that are simply out of our control.

The following is an excerpt from a contributing post I will share over at next Monday.  I’ll share the link with you once it’s published.

Recently at our Women’s prayer group, a friend shared of how she found a profound message from God to her in a simple, everyday task.  I now call it the “Latte Prayer”.  This is a woman who selflessly gives to others ALL the time.  Her life has been a living ministry of service to those who are often forgotten – the sick, the dying, the mentally handicapped, and those in recovery.  In the midst of her busy life, she wanted to indulge in a little treat for herself – a latte, something she would rarely spend her money on, but loved so much. It was special to her because she liked it prepared a certain way – you know – the shaken not stirred kind of specialty drink.  When the young lady at the counter didn’t prepare it the right way, my friend politely explained that it was not correct and the young lady went back to get it right.  It was taking a little longer than expected and my friend was losing her patience.  As the server returned with the correct latte she said, “I’m so sorry for the mistake, do you forgive me?”  “Of course, I do.” my friend exclaimed, then whispered “God, how could I ever let something this simple take my eyes off you?”  Wow – what a lesson!

Francesca Battistelli’s song This Is The Stuff can teach us all a lesson today.

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus today and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Sowing  Sunday living in a weekday world.

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