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A Gospel for Gardeners – Blessed Is She

Had to share this beautiful reflection.  Whether you are a gardener or not, I think you’ll love it to!

A few months ago I received a plant as a gift. It came in one of those plastic pots that you might find in the floral section of your grocery store. They work fine to transport the plant, but they are not a place where it can live and thrive. So I transplanted my plant. I found a ceramic pot in my garage and some compost leftover from last summer, and as carefully as I could I pulled the plant out of the temporary pot and stuck it into the sturdy ceramic pot. I watered it and left it in a nice sunny spot in my living room. After a week in its new home my plant looked terrible. It was shrunken and withered and some of the branches looked dead. I had done everything right, but the shock of being uprooted and transplanted was a lot for my little plant.  […]

Source: A Gospel for Gardeners – Blessed Is She

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