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Getting to the ROOT of Change


For the first time in many years, my husband and I have been breathing new life into a few projects around the house in need of transformation. We have always liked a good project to dig our teeth into.  Over the years, taking care of our growing family, our time didn’t lend itself to a lot of free time for this creative outlet.

As we approached our wedding day and prepared for our lives together, I was excited to see the few pieces of furniture that my husband had created for our new home.  His God-given gift of craftsmanship led to a career in the construction industry and needless to say, I was blessed with many years of enjoying those talents around our home.

Our living room had a mini makeover that included new floors last winter and we finally added a few new touches to the room.  With some “scrap” lumber my husband had lying around the house, he created this beautiful sofa table for me.  This table came out better than I could have ever imagined.  It had been on my wishlist for a few years now.

Next was one of my projects – I wanted to makeover one of the first pieces created for our home.  This dry sink has had layer upon layer of paint added to it over the years to keep up with the current trends. As you can see from the pictures, it’s an ongoing project – one that is taking far longer than I ever expected.  Each layer needs to be stripped, chipped, and sanded over and over again to return to its original wood finish.

All this stripping, chipping and transformation got me thinking about a post from a few months ago, Swimsuits and Son Bathing.  It was a reminder of the frustrations and challenges I was having in the physical changes in my life and my self-image.  It was a wake-up call for me to acknowledge that I was a daughter of God and His most precious creation – one in which was wonderfully and fearfully made.  The post closed with “change on the outside must begin on the inside”.

Change and transformation is a life-long journey.  It is something that moves and shifts with the experiences God places in our lives.  Somewhere along the way, I’d forgotten that this God that created me had a plan for my life and I’d forgotten to release control of my circumstances over to Him.  If I could trust Him with my marriage, my children, and our finances why couldn’t I trust Him with something like my health.

This was the understanding I needed to begin the change on the inside.  I began a study on releasing control of my health and my weight over to the King of my life. I did the hard work of answering the “why’s” behind the habits in my life, especially the health habits or lack of them.  Instead of staying in the place where my body used to be, I accepted who I was now (my age, the circumstances, health issues, etc.) and met God there.  Together, He opened my eyes to see where to start.  Tiny steps along the way and I’m beginning to see change.  Change in my trust, change in my attitude, change in my life, change in my health, and yes, change in my weight.

I’ve added this new page to my site as another place to share what God has placed on my heart.  Our bodies were created by a God who knows all its moving parts.  They were created to heal, move, and live life to its fullest but can only do so when we give control over to the Creator.  With every step, I learn something new, I embrace what this body has been able to do, and I celebrate one more day of life and breathe.

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