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Month: November 2018

Media Monday 2021

MEDIA MONDAY – Dance With Me Lover Of My Soul

A little late for my normal Media Monday, but the time change has thrown things off a bit – enjoy. A pilgrimage is not a vacation. Despite the beautiful places we’ve stayed on our trip there hasn’t really been much down time.  I’ve struggled with this alittle bit.  I’m a person who needs to process …

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Israel – The Adventure Begins

We woke to the perfect autumn day in New York.  The sun accented the remainder of the leaves on the trees, leaving us with a dazzling display of color.  I knew it would be the last glimpse of the season for when we returned from out trip to the Holy Land, it would be gone. …

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King Of Glory Take Your Place

Today we embark of a trip of a lifetime – we’re headed to the Holy Land.  Our bags are packed, we have our prayer intentions from our family, friends, and community and my heart is prepared to experience a profound realization that my feet will tread along the same path as the ancestors of my …

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A Light In The Darkness

Today we get to sleep in an extra hour, but that comes with a price.  Turning back the clock also means that we lose that hour of daylight.  The shorter days and limited light always make me a little sad, but over the years I’ve chosen to look for the light elsewhere and embrace the …

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