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Today we get to sleep in an extra hour, but that comes with a price.  Turning back the clock also means that we lose that hour of daylight.  The shorter days and limited light always make me a little sad, but over the years I’ve chosen to look for the light elsewhere and embrace the season and all God chooses to give us in it.  Yesterday, I found such a light and I carry that light with me today.

It started as a gloomy, rainy morning here in the Hudson Valley, but as the day progressed, the light began to shine – not only in the sky but in a little town in Dutchess County where the Sisters of Life hosted an event called the Feminine Genius Brunch.  About a month ago, one of the Sisters spoke during Mass at our church and the resounding response from so many was the complete joy and peace that she emitted. Our bodies relaxed as she genuinely shared her love of God with us and the message He spoke through her.  The women of the parish were invited to attend this brunch to be held in a nearby town and many women from our parish attended.

The term feminine genius was coined by Saint John Paul II and speaks of a woman’s capacity to make room for another because of their unique capacity to love.  What a gift we have! Sr. Virginia captivated the audience with her gentle, yet humorous voice and left us all with a profound message to ponder about the unique gifts we have each been given and their importance to the lives we’ve been chosen to touch.

Sister’s message spoke of tapping into this gift by learning how to receive God’s love and how that will easily overflow into how we are to love others. To meditate on the fact that we are a chosen people – the summit of human creation, as she described, sets the pace for us to simply be.  To lean into our Lord and Savior and just seek His peace in a world of constant noise and to know that He has anointed each and every one of us with a gift for this aching world.

To know and understand that we are loved and received, we can then go out and receive others in His name.  Sister shared the qualities of a woman’s receptive heart – generosity, sensitivity, and maternity. Generosity to give in small ways throughout the day, putting others needs before our own; making life easier for another. Sensitivity to see and understand the suffering of the human heart; sacrificial love. Maternity is the ability that women always have space to carry another.  I loved this analogy and it applies to all women.  We were created to carry life physically but also spiritually – nourishing the gift of another life.

The ballroom was packed. There were upwards of 300 attendees for this first-time event hosted by the Sisters of Life. We laughed, we cried, we embraced one another and we were given a message of love – love to receive but also one to give away.  We live in a world where this message is being snuffed out.  As women, we have been given a great gift and task to accomplish for God.  Yes, I’ve learned to look for the light when darkness surrounds me.  I’ve been blessed to find it in the little country church I call home.

The wonderful women of our parish that I am blessed to share life with
Two lovely sisters from our parish.

We cannot miss this opportunity to use the genius within us to speak His message.  What gifts have you been given to share?

I had to update this post. As we speak of gifts to be shared, these cakes were giveaways at yesterday’s event. A new mom shared the gift of her self-taught talent and love of baking with our community. Her story is beautiful as are her works of art. Please support @rosesmama_creations over on Instagram and Facebook, or you can contact her directly. I’ve included her business card below as well.

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