Media Monday – Get Up, Up Again

Hello friends!  Happy New Decade.

In true New Year’s fashion, many are making a new list and checking it twice.  No, not your 2020 Christmas list, but that New Year’s resolution list.  I stopped making lists like that year’s ago and now, instead, focus on a Word Of The Year.  I find that it helps me move forward as opposed to the resolutions list focusing on all the mistakes I’ve made or marks I’ve missed.  As singer, songwriter, Dan Bremen’s says

”Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. You gotta get up, up again. Keep holding on, it’s not the end. You gotta get up, up again.”

Yes, that’s the key to moving forward. Knowing that there’s a God who holds you and all of your cares in His hands and focusing on the journey ahead, despite the hurdles being thrown in your way, keeps you on the path towards Him.

‘Cause you only got one life and you don’t know when it ends. You’ve only got one heart, so get out there and live.”



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