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Getting to the ROOT of Change

This weekend we saw a light covering of snow here in the Northeast. We really haven’t experienced much of a winter yet. The weather has fluctuated, and at times almost feels like spring. But for me the lack of sunshine is always a reminder that the season of winter is here. It looks different, it feels different, it smells different, and it sounds different. I too, internally, experience this winter. Some days it feels like it lingers with no end. I often think of Saint Theresa as she explains this darkness, this winter of her soul, a longing to experience or feel the presence of God, the answers to life’s questions or just the accompaniment of a friend on this journey called life.

Today marks day one of an early retirement for me. I finally made the decision to leave public sector work behind and focus on a dream I’ve always had as an entrepreneur.  I wonder if Peter felt this way when he began to leave things behind and follow this tugging at his heart, or when he dared to place his foot upon the water and trust.Like Peter, the video below tells of the trust that Abraham had. His dream of having a child after so many years had finally come true and now God was asking him to climb the mountain and sacrifice this child. Have you ever felt this kind of despair or confusion? Did I misunderstand you God? But God reassures him, when he saw the trust Abraham had that He would provide what was needed if Abraham just obeyed. I ask myself, am I ready to trust as I climb this mountain?

Bishop TD Jakes reminds us that while we are facing our obstacles it often feels like climbing an endless mountain. We wonder when the relief will come, but then we hear God say “be patient, just keep walking”. While we are climbing up one side of our mountain, God is coming up the other side seeking us. He has our provision, our comfort, our answer…on the other side. 

So, today, I begin my walk with patience, with trust, with a new song in my heart. How about you?

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