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Lenten 40 Days Of Affirmations – A practice in growing a grateful heart

So, what am I giving up for Lent?

In the weeks leading up to Lent, many people ponder this question. We question the things we can give up or possibly add that will change our hearts and draw us closer to God. I ask myself two important questions:

“What do I want this time to do for me?” and “Where am I looking to grow?”

This year I’ve decided to do something a little different. Around the holidays, I was stirred to really focus on a grateful heart. After a year of so many things being taken away from us, I found it important to focus on all the things we, unexpectedly, gained.

How does one move from worry to hope? Or from a negative perspective towards a positive one? How do we develop a ‘glass half full’ mindset? I believe we have to start from within. The world is noisy and it often feeds us messages that stir up doubt and disappointment within us. It overcomes the still, small voice of God‘s truths about who we are in Him. The truth is, God has already created us with everything we need to bring our lives joy. But how do we connect with that truth?

Daily affirmations are a part of many meditative and contemplative prayer practices and this Lent I want to use that practice to draw me deeper towards those truths of God. God‘s word reveals his truth and we simply have to affirm his love, guidance, and protection daily so they become a foundation of our belief system. When we are confident in His truth, we see the world through a different set of eyes – His eyes.

This Lent, I chose to quiet the noise and be reminded of God‘s truths of who I am in Him. When I look in the mirror, I want to see beyond the outside appearance and see what God sees.

I hope you’ll check in daily and join me for this 40 Days Of Affirming God‘s Truth. Simply recite the daily affirmation over and over again throughout the day and let each one stir up the truth within you, knowing you and I were truly made in the image of God.

Getting to the Root of Change and helping you LOVE the season of life you’re in.
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