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Today Is Husband Appreciation Day

I have to giggle every time I see one of these national holidays or appreciation days – as if we need a reminder that we actually have a husband and that we should appreciate him (or that we should head out to the local creamery and celebrate with an ice cream cone on National Ice Cream Day). Anyway, I guess we all need a nudge every now and again to remember to appreciate the things we see and take for granted every day. So how will you celebrate Husband Appreciation Day?

Acts of kindness and words of gratitude will certainly be welcomed, but I’m adding ‘praying for my husband’ to the list. I’ve gotten lazy about doing this and as we head into our retirement years, I don’t want to forget that the golden years still need our love and attention poured over them. In celebration of the year of St. Joseph, I’ve asked his intercession as I pray.

Below is a prayer that I loosely compiled from years of gathering husband/marriage prayers from others or adapted from scripture. Join me and other wives who are praying for their men (especially on the days when we’re not feeling very appreciative. ;-))

(psst, for all you men out there…..Wife Appreciation Day is September 19th this year 😉 )

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O Blessed St. Joseph, beloved spouse and tender guardian of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I come before you to intercede for me as I pray for _______ to grow in faith and love of the Father in his role as husband and protector of our family here on earth.

Almighty and powerful Father, give _______ the grace to grow in the knowledge of You and always put his relationship with You above all other relationships, including ours. Give him the grace to do Your will in his life. Let him seek You with a humble heart and yearn to please You for the sake of pleasing only You and not to impress others.

Father, bless the work of _____ hands. Provide him with opportunities to do work he enjoys, and to continually thank You for Your providence. I pray he would not make an idol out of his work. Grant him the gift of a keen and creative mind so work never becomes mundane. Give _____ the vision to pursue the things he loves in work and play that will glorify Your goodness.

Before Your sacred eyes, I kneel and ask you to keep ______ close to Your heart and keep his heart pure and free from evil thoughts and words. Let him be Your light to others. Pour down your blessings upon him and let him constantly seek Your instruction through Your Holy Word. Let him never be ashamed of his weaknesses, but to humbly surrender them to you and to rely on Your strength. St. Joseph, most chaste spouse of our Blessed Mother, plead, with me, to our Father, to keep _______ from all immorality, impurity or greed. Let him refrain from obscenity and suggestive talk and instead fill his mouth with thanksgiving for all provision that comes from above. Build up in him pure, moral and selfless character so that he may serve Your people on earth and inherit the kingdom of Christ.

Father, help me to bring value to _____ and honor him. May he grow to trust my judgement as we partner together in our marriage, parenting, finances and faith. Help us both to forgive and let go of bitterness quickly when we have hurt one another. Grant us the grace to recognize the Spirit stirring within us as we learn from our mistakes and grow in how we communicate with one another. As ______ leads our family, help him to inspire with his words of praise and correct with love and affection, to become the pillar You created him to be.

Father, place a hedge of protection around ______ and keep him safe as he works and in all other areas of his life. Retore any area of his health that needs your healing touch whether in body, mind, or spirit. Give him the strength to let go of any habits that are not healthy for him. Bind up any wounds from his past that are bringing him pain and discomfort or give him the perseverence to seek help where he needs to. Where there is any unresolved conflict in his life, step in and soften the hearts involved.

Most gracious Giver of Gifts, bring godly men into ______ life, who would lead him closer to You and not away. May he be a good friend to those who need friendship. Provide him with opportunities for relaxation, mentorship, and service, in Your Holy Name.

Grab a copy of this prayer to download, below, and pray for that special man in your life…….and show him some extra special appreciation today.

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