We Weren’t Meant For Darkness

Watching spring burst into life reminds me that we all have new beginnings inside of us; we weren’t meant for darkness. The wait can be unnerving though.

man planting plant
Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

As a seed is placed into the earth, it sits and waits…in the dark. Have you ever been in a season like that? I know I have. It feels like a still, dark, endless night of waiting; not knowing what is happening.

Movement stirs inside and we feel scared and alone. Our hearts and shells begin to crack and then there’s a stirring that begins to awaken in us.

shallow focus of sprout
Photo by Gelgas Airlangga on Pexels.com

Slowly, we stretch out into the darkness and trust. Feeling our way towards the warmth. With new energy, we push through and stretch out with everything we have towards the sun. It’s new. It’s different. Standing still, I feel a gentle breeze brush against me. I’m wobbly in this new form, but I lean in and allow the breeze to strengthen me; to teach me.

bee on a plant

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

I know. I trust. I’m ready to bloom and grow into this new season.

Sowing  Sunday living in a weekday world.

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