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Getting to the ROOT of Change


As we conclude the Easter season and begin Ordinary time in the Catholic church, I’ve been reflecting on the apostles and their hearts as they begin their mission to evangelize. I wonder, were they all ready to go? Are we?

In today’s Media Monday song, we hear the powerful words of Charlie Rey as he shows us what it’s like to be a follower. I wonder though, if Thomas’ doubt ever came back, like mine – wishing he could see the road ahead or if Peter, in his role as leader, got a little to ambitious and forged ahead, only to be yanked back? Probably not!

I guess that’s truly what it means to surrender and become obedient. Blind faith, unquestionable trust – that is what is needed to become a follower of Jesus – knowing that he is with us every step of the way.

There are days I wish you’d let me see
What’s ahead and where you’re taking me
A burning bush on fire
Or some writing in the sky
But that was never what you promised me
I have everything I need to see
As long as you are with me

I’m ready to go
Where you lead me, I will follow
Where we’re going, I don’t even have to know
No matter what’s ahead, you’re with me every step, and that’s all I need to know
Doesn’t matter where we’re going
Even if you take me down a different road
No matter what’s ahead, you’re with me every step
So, I’m ready to go

I know I won’t always get it right
You gotta fall before you learn to fly
Even when I’m wrong
You’re with me through it all
Every step with you I see your grace
Always making miracles from my mistakes
I can’t lose when I am with you

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