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AGING WITH GRACE | Empty Nesting With Intention

How To Let Go With Grace

From tucking them into bed to their first sleepover, to “mom, I won’t be home for Spring break” – the seasons of motherhood were a process of transition on learning how to let go with grace (or lack thereof). There is an awkwardness to this transition from hands-on mom to the proud onlooker.

Where do I belong, now”?

Having done this now with four children, each touching a new emotion in my heart, I believe there was one thing that may have helped me keep it all together – being intentional about how I let go. 

Being present in each season of their life was preparation for the next.  Seriously, who wants to keep a kid in diapers when they’ve learned how to potty train.  Without even noticing it, God moves us gently to the next phase of life – and we adjust. Instead of looking back on those memories and feeling robbed of your importance, remember them with pride for the importance of the gift you were given.  You were specifically chosen, by God, to teach that child independence. 

There is a sense of grief in these seasons of transition, but with an intentional mindset, we learn to embrace each season and our important role in it. Being present to these unique seasons helps us ease into the next phase, allowing us to let go with God’s grace and a heart of gratitude. 

Start with these 3 Empty Nest Gratitude Goals and begin adding to create a list of ways to be intentional about letting go with grace.

  • I am grateful that I get to watch my child create a life of their own. Not everyone has that good fortune.  
  • I am grateful that I was granted the gift to raise my child and know that my importance has not changed, only my role.
  • I am grateful for the smiles and laughter in the memories of childhood and the joy of creating new memories and friendships with my children. 

We have had many years of being on auto-pilot, moms (and dads). Take time to feel your emotions and gently pray for acceptance as you learn this new way of life. The sooner we learn how to nurture the season we are in, the sooner we can count the blessings in our new role with our children.

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