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Lay it down.

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We were never promised an easy road, but God does promise us joy in the face of our struggles. We’re told to lay them at the feet of Jesus. This is where God is calling me to pay attention this week. I’m in a season where I’ve been caught up in some really uncomfortable emotions. Funny, this video appeared today and it coincides with today’s Gospel –

Whoever does not take up his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me.

Matthew 10:38

Accepting our cross is the only way to find union with Christ. To die to self and learn to put our selfish desires aside is to turn our gaze to how Jesus fulfilled His Father’s will. To live like Jesus is no easy task. It takes courage. It takes strength. It takes perseverance.

I’m learning that it’s not okay to simply “buck up” or “push it down” –


It’s choosing the opposite of what leaves us in our comfort zone. When problems and suffering arise, we must intentionally choose to turn to God. Follow the example of Jesus – go off to a quiet place, speak with the Father, be still, and listen. Who else can we be so completely honest with?

Sharing these emotions first with God and asking Him to help you understand why they are popping up – “I don’t like this”, “I’m afraid, I’m lonely or sad”, then surrendering the problems by turning to Jesus – who fully knows and understands our suffering. We cannot live in anxiety or sorrow. We must acknowledge this weakness and reach for stronger hands to help us.

Acknowledging the suffering and intentionally bringing it to Jesus, joining it with his suffering is taking up our cross. This is belief. This is trust. When you can place it all at the feet of Christ, the yoke isn’t heavy. The weight of life is lifted by Christ – who has already done the heavy lifting of the cross for you.

The Cross is where your freedom is found!

Getting to the Root of Change and helping you LOVE the season of life you’re in.
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