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MEDIA MONDAY | God of All My Days

“When facing new seasons of life that feel unknown and unwelcomed, there’s often a sense of being uprooted or stunted in growth.  I’ve always loved the analogy of a gardener and how fitting the growing and dying seasons play out in our everyday lives.  There’s always something changing in the garden and so it is with life.  My own personal growth, throughout the changing seasons of my life has been a lesson of trust and hope. “

The above verbiage is taken from my website – If my life were measured by numbers and I am graced with near the same number of years in the future as I was in the past, I guess you could say I’m somewhere near the middle of road. There are enough years to look back upon that shed light on where God was moving to ground me in a place of trusting what He may have in store for the years ahead. I recall the seasons where there was growth and learning and othersthat celebrated new beginnings and inevitable ends. Even in the midst of all of my changing seasons, God remained the same -I just couldn’t always see it at the time.

I am filled with awe that He loved me so much that he ‘relentlessly pursued’ me, despite my many shortcomings. His grace covered me in those seasons and gives me the courage to trust Him today by stepping out of the boat and into the unknown because I know He’s always there to hold and guide me.

This week’s Media Monday, from Casting Crowns, speaks of this lavish love that only God can wash over us.

Getting to the Root of Change and helping you LOVE the season of life you’re in.
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