Gardeners Touch

Getting to the ROOT of Change


Music touches my soul in a way that goes so deep. When I’m in a mood, I have to turn it around and turn it up.

When the music couples with praise & worship, well, my soul just dances!

As you can probably tell from my writing, God and I – well, we’ve been spending a whole lot of time together. I’ve been quiet too long and it just isn’t good for my soul. I’ve been all bottled up inside and there isn’t a person or thing on this earth that brings me that deep down joy than my love of God. Happiness is fleeting and it comes and goes with things of this earth, but my deepest desires only come from a God that knows me through and through.

I searched the world
But it couldn’t fill me
Man’s empty praise
And treasures that fade
Are never enough

Then You came along
And put me back together
And every desire
Is now satisfied
Here in Your love 

Graves Into Gardens – Elevation Music

‘Cause the God of the mountain
Is the God of the valley
There’s not a place
Your mercy and grace
Won’t find me again

Getting to the Root of Change and helping you LOVE the season of life you’re in.
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