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AGING WITH GRACE | EMBRACING MIDLIFE WELL(ness) – Midlife Doesn’t have to be Miserable

Helping a new friend fill her portfolio and embrace her dream of becoming a photographer, I agreed to have a photoshoot done. I was excited to meet Jana, as we’d only chatted online, but as the day drew near I began wondering what the close-ups would reveal. Was I ready to embrace midlife?

I know it’s often said that we are our own worse critics, we point out all the new lines on our face or the extra weight around the middle – basically expecting the reflection in the mirror to be that of the 20-year old that once stood in our place. Why do we find the process of aging so hard. Insecurities creep in and we start to add skin treatments, hair color, and diet solutions to our new leg of the journey. No wonder people speak of the aging process with dread.

Recently I’ve been having conversations with some of my coaching clients about how they’re embracing the midlife years? I think it’s an important question to ponder. It starts with identifying your expectations and learning to adjust your attitude in those perceptions.

Instead of focusing on all we can no longer do, how about being thankful for all that we have accomplished.

Are there small changes you can make

Is there autoimmunity in the mix

Do you find sugar cravings have increased

Choosing to celebrate the positives of midlife

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