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Getting to the ROOT of Change

Rooted In Prayer | The Caregiver’s Prayer

Our empty-nest is being re-feathered. What a topsy-turvy season we find ourselves in – somewhere between empty-nester and care-giver to aging parents. Settling into this new role will take some time; another transition from season to season. I found this wonderful prayer for caregivers, written by Bill Dodds, so refreshing. It was accompanied by his …

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DIGGING DEEPER | Your Mountain View Experience

When I think about the mountains, I often reflect on the experiences of Elijah. In the deepest part of his valley experience, he ascends the mountain to seek God, to rest in His protection, and to find the answers to his questions. Let’s dig a little deeper in prayer and journaling as we ask ourselves …

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Goodbyes Are Hard | The House That Built Me

Yes, this goodbye was hard, but as we close the cover to this book, we know the story isn’t over. We begin the next volume together…this one lived out near us


Life is a cycle of seasons and some are just harder than others, aren’t they? Taking a deep breath gives us a moment to pause and be reminded that we don’t always have to have it all together. We can bring our brokenness and heavy hearts to the one who tells us to be still and lay our burdens with Him.

MEDIA MONDAY | Joy Comes, Tears Fall

With hope upon hope we prayed for his healing, but with each passing day his suffering grew. These are the moments, we look up to heaven and cry out “WHY”.

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