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Getting to the ROOT of Change

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I make my own laundry detergent – yes, I admit it, and no, I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands either.  I simply got sick and tired of watching my hard earned money go into the pockets of big corporations and really prefer more natural cleaning products around me and my …

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More Than Playing In The Dirt

One of my fondest memories of childhood was cooking with the old metal kitchen set that was nestled under the trees in my family’s backyard.  It was the center of hours of outdoor fun for me and my neighborhood friends.  Collecting rich dirt from my mother’s garden, mixed together with clippings of onion grass, a …

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Listening skills

As I stepped out on to my deck this morning, I was greeted with the stillness of an overnight, northeast snowfall.  Everything around me was so still, yet it was difficult for me to enjoy.   There was a restlessness within me that made me feel as though there should be movement.  Not necessarily movement outside, …

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Rewards of the Harvest

My garden has taken on many looks over the years.  It’s gone from a large garden with a great variety of vegetables, to a pile of weeds (they were the years of too much multi-tasking and not enough tending) to its present state of small and manageable for my current lifestyle.  Although I don’t have …

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ROOTED IN PRAYER |A Gardener’s Prayer

God, give us eyes to see In every budding flower The hand that rules the universe With gentleness and power. Awaken faded flowers of faith Lying dormant in our hearts, To behold the living beauty A garden lavishly imparts. And give us ears to hear, O God The springtime of Your Word With messages more …

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Window Pane Picture Frame

If you love antiques, like I do, this is a great project that you can complete in a few days.  My husband and I found this old barn window at a local flea market and I decided to turn it into a collage of our favorite family photos. I love when I can re-purpose old …

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Sacred Space

The Garden, as the beginning

As I sit quietly outside and soak in the sunshine and cool breeze, it occurred to me that most of the lessons I’ve learned in life, have had their foundation in the mindset of everything beginning in a garden. Think about it, in the center of the garden stood the tree of knowledge – I’ve …

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It’s a Pinterst Party

It’s no secret that I love to create things from scratch.  Since childhood, it was always more fun to make things with my own hands than it was to go out and purchase it. About a year ago, my daughter introduced me to the very popular “Pinterest” site.  Pinterest is an online scrapbook of sorts …

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