GIFTS FROM MY DAD Journaling our thoughts and experiences has a special way of helping us understand those experiences on a deeper level. Despite, the

Rooted In Prayer | A Listening Heart

Lord, grant me a heart capable of hearing Your voice, a heart capable of listening and of understanding those interior notions of the Holy Spirit

ROOTED IN PRAYER | Prayer For Employment

2020 brought with it a struggle that we never expected to face in the years just prior to retirement – unemployment. I had retired from

Digging Deeper | Journal Prompts For Spiritual Growth

Journaling is proven to help your mental health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be long or perfectly written, but the act of putting pen

Rooted In Prayer : In The Potter’s Hands

It’s National Tea Day – so pour yourself a spot, sit back and see what God is speaking to your heart today. The Teacup Story  

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