Gardeners Touch

Getting to the ROOT of Change

Tending The Soul

Digging deeper and learning to be still; to hear God’s voice and commune with Him. A time to protect and care for ourselves and those placed along our life’s journey. A time to become aware of our thoughts and emotions.

Absolute Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so the saying goes.  Is that sort of like “is the glass half full or half empty”?  Doesn’t it all have to do with one’s perspective? How many times do we rush about our day without noticing the faces that pass us by or the autumn …

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Digging Deeper – Journal Prompts For Spiritual Growth

Separated only by a day, both Lent and Valentine’s Day began almost hand in hand this year.  Two days where love is remembered and celebrated.  Often two very different views of love, but love still the same. Similar to the first of the year, Lent often brings promises of resolutions; how we will take this …

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