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Getting to the ROOT of Change

Reaping The Harvest

We reap what we sow. When healthy growth takes place, beauty surrounds us. We connect with The Creator and take in and share the beauty of the season. Living out and practicing our gifts, in obedience to God, reaps the blessings of joy, happiness, prosperity, peace, and leisure.

Garden Planning – Stage I

The first round of my Garden Planning is complete and is down on paper.  I’m excited about the expansion of the garden but have a few challenges to face as well.  Because of the vertical structures I want to build to maximize the space, I know the cost is going to be rather substantial this …

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The Organized Gardener

Well, I’m not sure  that the title of this post is an accurate one when it comes to gardening.  My belief about gardening is that it is a more free spirited act, well at least when it comes to being immersed in digging in the dirt and inhaling the fresh, clean air.  BUT, there are …

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Art Inspires Agriculture

I love how the Hudson Valley Seed Library incorporates art into their heirloom seed packets.  They describe the connection beautifully in their recent article about the upcoming Art of the Heirloom exhibit – “Artists tell compelling stories by creatively envisioning the lives of flowers and vegetables, farms and gardens. Art inspires agriculture.” One of my …

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Think Spring

This spring I can’t wait to begin making changes to our family garden. We now work a 20 x 20 sq. ft. Space that provides some basic vegetables to last throughout the summer, with some leftovers to preserve throughout the fall. This year I’m planning to double the size of the garden incorporating some space …

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Daydreams and Life

How do you see yourself? I mean really see yourself, when there’s no one expecting results from you.  Do you ever find yourself daydreaming, getting lost in a thought; seeing yourself, for a brief moment in a completely different light?  Every now and then, this happens to me.  My kids will laugh as I stare …

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

I make my own laundry detergent – yes, I admit it, and no, I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands either.  I simply got sick and tired of watching my hard earned money go into the pockets of big corporations and really prefer more natural cleaning products around me and my …

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More Than Playing In The Dirt

One of my fondest memories of childhood was cooking with the old metal kitchen set that was nestled under the trees in my family’s backyard.  It was the center of hours of outdoor fun for me and my neighborhood friends.  Collecting rich dirt from my mother’s garden, mixed together with clippings of onion grass, a …

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Window Pane Picture Frame

If you love antiques, like I do, this is a great project that you can complete in a few days.  My husband and I found this old barn window at a local flea market and I decided to turn it into a collage of our favorite family photos. I love when I can re-purpose old …

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It’s a Pinterst Party

It’s no secret that I love to create things from scratch.  Since childhood, it was always more fun to make things with my own hands than it was to go out and purchase it. About a year ago, my daughter introduced me to the very popular “Pinterest” site.  Pinterest is an online scrapbook of sorts …

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