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Getting to the ROOT of Change

Sowing Seeds Of Faith

Planting the things and experiences of our faith into our own souls and sharing that faith with others.

Help…I’m Drowning!

There I was, gasping for air as one wave after another pulled me under.  I reasoned with myself that I knew how to swim and I began to frantically kick my feet and flap my arms – but I continued to sink.  I reached out to others around me – someone, anyone to hold on …

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music, sunrise

Writing 101: (3) Music and the Human Soul

I love music. It has a language all its own, and at any given time, with any given genre, it has the power to communicate on such a deeper level.  Sometimes it’s the lyrics. Sometimes its the instrumentals.  There’s not a lot of music I don’t like.  I listen to pop, rock, classical, and country, …

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Writing 101: (2) A Room With A View

I fly out of bed with an excitement for my day ahead.  It’s early and I tip-toe as I find my way through the dark.  I quickly dress and head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before my drive. As the coffee gurgles and drips, I place my bags near the front …

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Summer Garden

Writing101: Unlock the Mind

I decided to bring my writing project outside.  It’s gorgeous here, today, in the Northeast and the thought of sitting inside was a little unsettling.  As part of my personal development hiatus, I’ve decided to work on my writing skills. I want to write.  I don’t know if I’m a writer, but I want to …

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She’ll Never Let You Help Her

Several years ago, I found myself in a place where the busyness of life wasn’t just a season, but a way of life.  When your kids are small, you just go with the mindset that “this too shall pass”.  You imagine that as they grow older their schedules slow down and therefore, so will yours. …

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…For The Least Of My Brothers

Lent, for me, didn’t bring the usual sacrifices and structure that it had in the past. I tried to prepare myself with traditional activities, bible study, stations, etc., but each left me with a dissatisfaction.  Not because they weren’t good things to do, but because there did not seem to be anything concrete attached to …

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Live simply, love generously, care deeply, and give fully!

Putting your trust in something can be hard.  It leaves you exposed and vulnerable; not in control.  Trust is an innate quality in children; a characteristic that we all hold, until that moment that what we trusted in, proves to be untrustworthy. The moment that vulnerability is exposed, leaves us feeling unsafe and alone. Did …

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Create Something That Will Make The World Awesome!

You want to watch something that will just put a smile on your face?  Having a rough day?  Need some encouragement?  Here’s your daily dose of sunshine.  Love this kid and had to share the joy.    

Listening skills

As I stepped out on to my deck this morning, I was greeted with the stillness of an overnight, northeast snowfall.  Everything around me was so still, yet it was difficult for me to enjoy.   There was a restlessness within me that made me feel as though there should be movement.  Not necessarily movement outside, …

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ROOTED IN PRAYER |A Gardener’s Prayer

God, give us eyes to see In every budding flower The hand that rules the universe With gentleness and power. Awaken faded flowers of faith Lying dormant in our hearts, To behold the living beauty A garden lavishly imparts. And give us ears to hear, O God The springtime of Your Word With messages more …

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