Unlocking A Gift – A Mother’s Day Tribute

“Do you remember, as a little girl, how I’d point out the tunnel the trees made on our walks downtown?” My mom posed this question

Dear Mom and Dad – Congratulations!

With high school and college graduations happening this time of year, I thought the below story would be wonderful to share.  As I reflect on

This Gift Called Motherhood – To My Children

So many days I find myself unworthy of this gift called motherhood.  Not only was I blessed to share in this act of creation once,

Are We On The Same Page?

For all my sisters out there…..I’m so Melinda!!  Don’t worry if your view of Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart isn’t up to par with all

Cooking Through Lent With Your Kids

The kitchen has always been the hub of our household; the center of conversation. What better place to have meaningful conversations with our kids about

Keeping Your Kids Engaged Throughout Lent

Can you believe that we are having conversation about Lent already?  Weren’t we just swaddling the infant Jesus and celebrating His birth? I’m blogging over

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