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Empowering people to take charge of their health and become the best version of themselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL | Stress & It’s Effect On The Body

Upon a healthy mind lies a healthy body image.  An unhealthy body will not release weight long-term. (and it doesn’t always have to do with what you eat)! AN UPDATE ON MY HEALTH JOURNEY…. So what does it look like when the health coach is finding herself struggling in an area that she hasn’t conquered?  …

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Nourishment For The Soul | Morning Beauty Regimen

When you check your hair in the mirror, before you walk out the door today, check your soul as well and see if it’s carrying the right amount of joy for the day’s journey.

NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL | 5 Morning Habits of the Proverbs 31 Woman

Starting my morning with intentionality has been key to structuring the rest of my day and when that one little habit gets out of whack, I weave and bobble throughout my entire day. Building these habits took years of trial and error and finding out what works best for me. It wasn’t until fairly recently …

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Published first for Catholic Sistas in a series called Food For The Soul. Some call it discipline, others control, but mastering techniques for healthier habits takes more than our own strength.  Jesus’ act of redemption was a part of God’s plan to build a solid structure for our lives. Last time we spoke we entertained …


And With One Bite….God’s Plan Unfolds

Here is the second article in a series on Food For The Soul, first introduced at It started with a pound or two after vacation, then a few more after the birth of my first child – little by little it crept up and before I knew it, I weighed 8 more pounds than …

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Media Monday 2021

Media Monday – My Scars

I was recently in a discussion where I was commenting on the feelings behind posting pictures of myself before I lost a lot of weight vs. the pictures of me currently.  More than half of my life has gone by and the truth is that those pictures will always be my memories.  They are my …

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Food For The Soul – Cultivating A Healthy Dependence On Food And God

It’s been a while, I know, but here is the first in a series I’ve been working on for an online publication I contribute to. I hope it blessed others who are challenged in this area of their life.

A Season Such As This

Advent has so much of a focus around Mary, the mother of Christ and the things she pondered in her heart.  This has been a season such as this for me as well. A season of reflection.  A season where my heart was drawn to the God who humbled Himself and entered the womb of …

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The Weight Of Our Words

The weight of our words are so very powerful, not simply in how we use them but also the effect they can have on others.  Despite the old rhyme about sticks and stones, names can hurt us, no matter what our age and they can find a home deep down in our soul.  Those words …

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For the first time in many years, my husband and I have been breathing new life into a few projects around the house in need of transformation. We have always liked a good project to dig our teeth into.  Over the years, taking care of our growing family, our time didn’t lend itself to a …

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