About Gardener’s Touch

Hi, I’m Linda – The Hudson Valley, NY is where I call home and where my love for the outdoors began. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and blessed to be called ‘mom’ to four beautiful children. This blog is a footprint into the hills and valleys I call life; a journey within. Inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, and the lessons revealed in caring for it, Gardener’s Touch was born. The garden’s simplicity is where I find solace and peace; it is where I think, where I forgive, where I challenge myself and where I find inspiration to make my world a more beautiful place.

Our story of faith begins and ends in a garden, and in between are the simple and ordinary things of life that are planted, nurtured, and called to new life. Here, God is rooted deep in the center of my heart. Therefore, I seek to study God’s Word, apply it where I am and share it in all I say and do. My opinions are one of many but authentically mine for my life’s path.


Sacred Space

In order to offset the costs of the Gardeners Touch blog, I accept affiliate links and some advertising.  In all cases, I will disclose which items I use or recommend to my followers.  I reserve the right not to include a link or recommendation if I feel that it is not compatible with the mission of my blog.