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Getting to the ROOT of Change


My Transformation Story

After my own personal weight loss of 70 pounds, I finally saw a light at the end of that tunnel of darkness that surrounded me.  I found HOPE and I’m here to tell you that HOPE is yours to have as well. With increased confidence, I found myself daring to take chances, to play again, and to connect more deeply with the gifts I’d been given. Life was fun again!  However, after successfully losing that weight, I found myself in a season of several life transitions that left me feeling confused about my purpose in life.  

Stuck in a place where my faith felt dry and lifeless, I found it easier and easier to withdraw from the people and things that surrounded me.  When I came to the end of my own power, I had to grasp the hand of God; the hand that was simply waiting for me to enter this unknown space.  Like a caterpillar entering the cocoon, it felt lonely and dark. That darkness turned out to be the greatest gift of my life and I finally gave myself permission to just rest in this space that God created and to be still and listen.  Little by little, through prayer, scripture, and coaching, I found acceptance and peace in where I was planted. 

My story is ever-changing and I’ve learned how to ground myself when those familiar feelings of uprootedness take hold.  I search for that source of LIVING WATER for strength and truth.  I’ve learned to honor where God is leading me and embrace the growth and stillness of every season of my life.

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