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Media Monday 2021

Media Monday: Breathe

As we enter this world, the response the doctors wait for is that first breath.  The simple act of taking in air to fill our lungs and bring our bodies to life is our response to the very act of God’s creation of man.  This gift of life is renewed every day, yet we often …

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Garden Challenges

I’m finding the challenges of garden a tad overwhelming this week. As I marvel at the beauty of new life around me, I’m constantly reminded that the circle of life can be a painful one.  While sipping my coffee early this morning, I was delighted to see the lupine a in full bloom.  Then the …

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Tomatoes – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Let’s face it, despite the intense care we take in planting our tomatoes, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do and you’re left with the challenges of a gardener.  I’ve certainly seen my share of the ugly over the past several years.  There were times when I knew what was going on and other times …

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