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The Garden, as the beginning

As I sit quietly outside and soak in the sunshine and cool breeze, it occurred to me that most of the lessons I’ve learned in life, have had their foundation in the mindset of everything beginning in a garden.

Think about it, in the center of the garden stood the tree of knowledge – I’ve come to understand this as my God. I’m not sure if there is any situation in life that I couldn’t trace back to the lesson’s I’ve learned from being out in God’s creation. Gardening, to me, comes in many shapes and forms and each can be a regenerative act of hope, love, and inspiration for the body, mind and spirit. There is solace and renewal that is rooted in the earth.

This blog was started to begin to document these moments of truth for me. It is a place to share my thoughts and ideas with the hopes of offering inspiration, motivation and creation of the authentic things in our lives. The more I garden, the more I realize that it has been a touchstone for me to a simpler, quieter life that my soul yearns for.

So, enter through the garden gate and spend some time with me. May you find joy in your heart, peace in your soul, motivation for your journey and inspiration to make the world a more beautiful place.

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