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Daydreams and Life

Willow SunsetHow do you see yourself? I mean really see yourself, when there’s no one expecting results from you.  Do you ever find yourself daydreaming, getting lost in a thought; seeing yourself, for a brief moment in a completely different light?  Every now and then, this happens to me.  My kids will laugh as I stare into space and get lost in what they call “my happy place”.  And it is – MY happy place.  Call it a daydream, call it a vision, maybe it’s even that inner voice showing me that something more is trying to push its way to the top of my priority list.

These thoughts are brief as I tend to push them away to begin another day.  I begin to wonder, are those daydreams what life would look like if I deliberately made the time to nurture those gifts inside? Not just once in awhile, but daily.  The thought brings a smile to my face, actually it makes me chuckle a little too.  I’m not sure how the new me would be received.

I’ll tell you a little secret about that daydream; sometimes I see what I can only describe as a “flower child” (yes, hold in the laughter), barefoot and dancing in the grass – you know, like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. I know it sounds silly, but the truth is, that visual is more about the emotion attached to it, than it is about the picture I see.

What would that carefree spirit, dancing in a field, awaiting all the answers of the world, actually feel like in my life? Uncovering the answers, is my journey.  Within each of us lies a treasure chest of gifts.  Gifts that are unique to us.  What we do with these gifts is how we leave our creative mark on the world.  That creativity is the very essence of how our eye perceives the world we live in.

I wish I could give credit to whoever created this quote, but I saw it on a pillow with no credit given.  Love it!

“It’s not just a daydream, if you make it your life”

How are you leaving your creative mark on the world?

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