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Getting to the ROOT of Change

Think Spring

Dirt in HandsThis spring I can’t wait to begin making changes to our family garden. We now work a 20 x 20 sq. ft. Space that provides some basic vegetables to last throughout the summer, with some leftovers to preserve throughout the fall.

This year I’m planning to double the size of the garden incorporating some space saving structures to produce more vegetables and even some fruit to can and preserve throughout the barren northeast winters here in NY.

I’m a little nervous, hoping that ill have the time to maintain it all, but refuse to put this task off any longer.

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt. ~Author Unknown

These cold winter months are the perfect time to lighten your spirit with the thought of digging in the warm earth. My seed catalogs are arriving and the excitement and inspiration are starting to take root. Over the next few weeks ill reveal the process and plans for this year’s garden.

What plans are you making for this year’s growing season?

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